Who is?

This blog is about my family but I’ve decided to use pseudonyms to protect our privacy and because its fun. I explained about names in one of my early posts, so this is just an easy reference list of who’s who.

MaameJ: Me, Anglo-Celtic-Aussie 50-something woman

AM (Or when I began the blog, ActionMan): My son (aged 20)

DadaK: His dad, from Ghana

Obaapa: DadaK’s wife. Obaapa means ‘good woman’, and I think she’s a saint for putting up with crazy white lady me.

DadaK & Obaapa’s children:

50 Cedis:  Their oldest son (aged 16)

Abrantie: (Their second son. Read about his name here) (aged 14)

G Ketewa: Their youngest son (11)

Treasure: Their only daughter (9)

Other family in Australia

The World’s Best Uncle (TWBU) I have 3 brothers, this is the one I saw the most of because he lived in the same city as me, until he died 30 November 2010 from cancer.

I do have other Australian family members but they don’t usually make it onto the blog.

We have Ghanaian friends in Australia who count as family, and I often take their kids out when I do stuff with DadaK & Obaapa’s other children.

Solo: G Ketewa’s best friend, also aged 11.

Water baby: new to our activities, aged 4.


The family in Ghana – Asuoyeboah

Nana: DadaK’s mother (??? – December 2008)

Serwaa: DadaK’s sister

Akonta: Serwaa’s husband

Gyamfi: Serwaa’s oldest son

Afia Serwaa: Serwa’s oldest daughter

Martha, Owuraku and Obaaku: Akonta and Serwaa’s children

Maame Yaa Penne and Yaa Ketewa: Nana’s adopted daughters and namesakes

Daniel: One of Nana’s great grandsons, who lives with her.

Bra John: The occasional lodger and trotro driver

Asuoyeboah neighbours

Adjuabruni so called because of her light skin.

Boahemaa Adjuabruni’s daughter

Akwesi and Kobi AdjuaBruni’s sons? Nephews? Boys who live with her

The family in Ghana – Mensakrom

Nkrumah and Akosia DadaK’s older brother and hs wife

Asiedu and Ohemaa DadaK’s younger brother and his wife

Kesewa DadaK’s widowed sister-in-law, was married to one of his younger brothers

12 thoughts on “Who is?

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