Rare birds of the Inner West


Flamingo of Newtown.


Cranky bird of Enmore (now extinct).


Owl or eagle? And are those eyes really cameras?

20160218_083957 (magpie)

Camouflage bird of Erskineville. Cos on this particular wall, you are an endangered species.

bird in erko

Saw the no stopping sign just a leetle too late.

See more rare things.


Inner West walls

I’m easily bored, so I have many different ways of getting to work. All of them involve a fair amount of walking. I catch a train, and walk, or a bus, and walk, or drive, park, and then walk. I get off at different bus or train stops every time, I park in different places. I try out different routes from wherever I’ve disembarked. And then on the way home, I do it all again from the opposite direction.

The beauty of this, is that every day I see something new and different on the way to or from work.

I travel the world.

See wonderful, strange, and sometimes scary creatures.

(Did you notice some of these are the same wall, different artwork?)

Meet new friends.

Think about history and politics


Or just admire the artists’ skill and audacity.

Most of these street art pics were taken around Newtown, Enmore, St Peter’s and Erskineville in Sydney’s Inner West.

Do you see interesting walls every day?

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