When I found out that the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge is ‘spare’, I immediately thought of spare time. Perhaps this is because I’ve been sick and have had loads of spare time but no energy to make good use of it.

I have a long list of things that I like to do in my spare time.

For a start, I like walking, and as all my walking friends will tell you, rolling their eyes at how I delay them, I also like to stop and take lots of photos along the way. But no-one was around to be bothered when I snapped this view between the wires while walking on a hill top trail in California a couple of years ago.


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Monday Music: Admiration

This week, the WordPress photo challenge is to depict someone or something we admire.

I admire musicians.

I admire their skill and focus.

20160415_230627 (wassada)

Wassada, led by Moussa Diakite, performing recently at the Django bar in Sydney.

I admire their ability to set aside difference and appreciate the best of each others’ musical cultures.

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Who fears death

who-fears-deathIt’s not a question. ‘Who fears death’ is the meaning of the name of the main character, Onyesonwu, in this African fantasy novel by US-Nigerian author Nnedi Okorafor. Onyesonwu knows what her death will be, but goes willingly towards it in the belief that it will free people from conflict and slavery. Oh, sorry, that was a SPOILER. More follow.

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Monday Music: Maya Angelou

I have a confession to make. I’ve only read one of Maya Angelou’s books. But I don’t need to have read all her works to know the world has lost a phenomenal woman.

The lyrics are almost word for word from Maya Angelou’s poem of the same name. I share this version by Olivia Newton John because like me, she is Australian, and to me this shows how Angelou’s wit and wisdom has touched women the world over. There’s also a beautiful version here by Ruthie Foster. Continue reading