Weekly photo challenge: Spring

Um … hello? Just wondering if the good folks at WordPress realise that it’s only spring in a small band of countries in the northern hemisphere?

Here in Sydney, Australia, we’re in the last month of Autumn, at least according to the European calender. If you were to go by the calendar of the traditional owners of the area that I live in, we’re in the time of marrai’gang, the quoll. Bana’murrai’yung is the time when it’s ‘wet, becoming cooler’ which is exactly what the weather is like today. It’s the time for mending your winter cloak in preparation for the colder months ahead, and gathering lilly pilly fruits. It’s also the time when quolls used to be heard calling for their mates in the bush. There are few quolls in Sydney now; they can’t compete with cats and dogs.

Perth November 2013-calendar

Australia is a vast continent, with many different ecosystems, so the seasons recognised by the traditional owners vary from place to place. Right now in Perth, Western Australia, it’s djeran: the time when the hot weather eases, banksias flower, and seed cones form on the casuarina trees. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Community

Scanning through my photos, wondering what to post for this week’s WordPress photo challenge, I found it hard to go past this little cluster of jars, full of freshly pickled eggplant. pickles

Any grouping of objects could remind you of a community, but these jars are the result of a communal effort. In early winter, I got together with two friends for a bottling day. We made the pickle, lime chutney, guava jelly and passionfruit cordial. Paul, whose fabulous kitchen we used, posted the recipes, pics and tips on his foodie blog Buth Kuddeh.

It was such a fun day, and seeing the picture of the jars got me thinking about how food is such an integral part of community. Growing, preparing, cooking and eating food (and cleaning up afterwards too of course) has all over the world been an activity performed communally, probably for all of human history, in most cultures. Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow

ewen-flood A friend and I went for a walk on a rainy day and discovered that the Cooks river had burst its banks. We couldn’t walk any further along this path without getting our feet wet. Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: The world through my eyes

I love close ups of the natural world. The miniature worlds beneath our feet, or tucked away in stone cliffs beside us as we walk. And that’s all I’m going to say for today.




Leura cascades walk, Blue Mountains.

Leura cascades walk.

This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves


One of the Sydney Park swans – on a holiday at the Cooks River.

The curve of a swan’s neck.

The curve of wings.

In close-up: The curves in the feathers.

I heard an Aboriginal man on radio say there were once huge flocks of black swans on the East Coast of Australia. Before the Europeans came. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Bubbles on boiling guava juice in the yin yang symbol
On the weekend I was making preserves with friends, This is what the bubbles were doing halfway through making the guava jelly: Yin Yang. You have to scoop the froth off so the jelly will be clear. It tastes like guava ice-cream – yum. Thank you Fred for this pic, it’s a fleeting moment that I would have missed if you hadn’t grabbed my phone. Continue reading