When I found out that the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge is ‘spare’, I immediately thought of spare time. Perhaps this is because I’ve been sick and have had loads of spare time but no energy to make good use of it.

I have a long list of things that I like to do in my spare time.

For a start, I like walking, and as all my walking friends will tell you, rolling their eyes at how I delay them, I also like to stop and take lots of photos along the way. But no-one was around to be bothered when I snapped this view between the wires while walking on a hill top trail in California a couple of years ago.


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Monday Music: Admiration

This week, the WordPress photo challenge is to depict someone or something we admire.

I admire musicians.

I admire their skill and focus.

20160415_230627 (wassada)

Wassada, led by Moussa Diakite, performing recently at the Django bar in Sydney.

I admire their ability to set aside difference and appreciate the best of each others’ musical cultures.

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Monday music: Garifuna

Last week I had a housewarming party, & this post is a big thank you to a friend who couldn’t make it due to the flu, but sent me a CD.

The album is Umalali, a collection of songs from the Garifuna Women’s Project. Here’s another, because I’m unable to be decisive and just choose one.  Continue reading

Monday Music: Redressing the balance #3 — the 90s and noughties

Malian mud cloth - bogolanfini

Malian mud cloth – bogolanfini

I must have been about seven or eight months pregnant when I wandered into the old Folkways store in Paddington some time in 1994, because Allmusic tells me that the music that grabbed my attention as soon as I entered the store — The Wassoulou Sound: Women of Mali — was released in March ’94. My son, AM was born in June that year, and after that happened, I wasn’t doing a whole lot of music-shopping.

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Monday Music: Hiatus

Sea framed by trees and bush.

This is where I’m going to be real soon 🙂

The silly season is well and truly upon us in Australia. Two days out from the annual consumer binge known as Christmas, who has time to sit around & read blogs, let alone compose them? Not me.

Last minute Christmas shopping and cooking is not entirely to blame; I am also moving house and planning a trip to visit family and friends in the US in January. With all that going on Monday Music is officially on hiatus for the next few weeks.

To tide you over until I’m back from all of this, and to celebrate 6 months of my Monday Music posts, here’s a few of my favourites for you to visit (or revisit).

Liberia bounces back

Spinning the Blues

Tugende e … (let’s go to) Kampala!


The birthday Kit

Oh … and happy holidays.

Christmas music … (what else?)


Monday Music: Philly Lutaaya for World AIDS Day

A few weeks ago I wrote about Philly Lutaaya in my post on Ugandan music. He was perhaps the first African musician to be public about his HIV status in 1989.

His disclosure, and his song about the experience of having AIDS, which called upon everyone to ‘show love and understanding’ and ‘fight AIDS’, inspired a whole generation of Ugandans to mobilise against HIV.

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Monday Music: Ghana old school

Obaapaa’s sister and her husband have been visiting us from the UK. Well, when I say ‘us’, I mean DadaK & family, but AM and I have got to see them a few times. To celebrate, I’m playing music that was popular when they were a whole lot younger than they are now. Like this (which I think is the first Ghanaian music I ever heard, back in 1989).

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