Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

Oops — who let the balloon go? Who dropped the bottle top?20151213_190008-seaweed-pollution

On my weekend away one of the children accidentally killed two small hermit crabs by bringing them home from the beach along with other pretty shells.

It wasn’t ‘oops’ so much as sad.

Her mistake was very small, but globally, en masse, we are making much bigger ones.

Our beaches and increasingly barren inter-tidal zones are showing the stress of human carelessness.


Oops. Don’t let go of that balloon.

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Weekly photo challenge: Blur

Swirling seawater blurs the textures and shapes of sea life in this hidden tidal pool.


It seems fitting that my camera phone couldn’t capture the fine detail of these velvet pillows and lacy underwater trees, because the pool was so pristine I felt I had no right to be there. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Circles converge upon a central space.
2014-11-29 11.39.12-concentricLines converge in the rock face.

2014-11-29 11.40.04-rock-faceWhat happens when the rich and greedy converge on a beautiful place?


They fill and cover sandstone swirls with bricks and mortar, so their ocean views won’t collapse into the water.

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Early one morning after a big storm in Sydney, I discovered this car on the footpath beside the river.

2014-10-15 -car

For a few moments I imagined it dredged from the river bed by the wild storm surge and surfing the waves over the fence. What an achievement! Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Reflections

This evening I went for a walk beside the Cooks River for the first time since I became its near neighbour. It was pleasant in the drizzle, calming to be away from traffic and noise.

I saw a chittering willy wag tail and mud-brown ducks; blossoming paperbarks and plump creamy mushrooms. I saw a long-necked bird swimming, its whole body submerged. And among the mangrove roots, I found a sorry reflection of urban Australian society. (Click on any image for full size).

Sometimes I despair of humans. If we can’t even manage our own careless waste, how can we ever live harmoniously and sustainably on the planet?

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Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow

ewen-flood A friend and I went for a walk on a rainy day and discovered that the Cooks river had burst its banks. We couldn’t walk any further along this path without getting our feet wet. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves


One of the Sydney Park swans – on a holiday at the Cooks River.

The curve of a swan’s neck.

The curve of wings.

In close-up: The curves in the feathers.

I heard an Aboriginal man on radio say there were once huge flocks of black swans on the East Coast of Australia. Before the Europeans came. Continue reading