Monday Music: African Blues

This week it’s five years since my middle brother (of 3) died of stomach cancer. A couple of years ago I wrote a series of blog posts on how much he influenced my taste in music. I also wrote a post about the music I chose for his funeral.

I’ve written quite a few posts about Mark, and about coming to terms with his death. I don’t always blog on anniversaries (like his birthday), but five years, well, that seems somehow significant. Continue reading

Monday music: Cotton

Last week I promised some cotton songs — here they are.

This one’s very well known. It was written by two white guys for the famous opera Porgy and Bess. Even though it was written for African Americans, not by them, they seem to have claimed it as their own. There are many lovely versions of it; I like this one from Ella Fitzgerald.

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Monday music: Spinning the blues

SpinningIn case you are new to Monday Music, this month I have been reflecting on the musical influence of my older brother Mark, who was born on the 25th September. He would have turned 62 this month. This week’s post, which is the last of the series, also doubles as the finale in a quartet of posts that I decided to write as part of my grieving/healing process after his death almost three years ago.
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