Monday Music


Members of the UK Afro-celtic band Baka Beyond at a recent gig in Sydney.

I started this blog because I wanted to share stories and insights about living in a bicultural family, but over time, as my son’s become a young adult, and life as a parent has changed, it’s morphed into something a little different.

These days I still write about my bicultural life, but I also blog about other things: books, food, photo challenges and music.

I started Monday Music in July 2013, because I hadn’t been blogging much and I felt the discipline of a regular post would motivate me to keep the whole thing going. For about a year I posted every Monday (hence the name). These days I can’t keep up the pace, and it’s usually only once or twice a month. I mostly share African music, because I love it and I want the whole world to know about it.


Rokia Traore at the Sydney festival, 2013.

I’m not a musician and I know little about chords and cadence, tempo or tremolo, but I do know that music is fundamental to human life.

All over the world, people use music (and dance) to express emotion, explore their creativity, have fun, share values, respond to events, build community, criticise injustice and much, much more. So when I write about music, these are the kinds of things I write about.

I don’t just share videos that I happen to like, I share music that complements my thoughts on life, relationships, the world — and, sometimes, also on my bicultural experiences.

Here are some examples of the wide range of topics that I traverse:

So … you get the idea … Monday Music is about a whole lot more than tracks you can tap your feet to. I hope you enjoy exploring.

Most of the posts are tagged #MondayMusic, except when I forget, but they’re all filed under the Music category.

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