A wife at Gorge River

A Wife On Gorge RiverA Wife On Gorge River by Catherine Stewart

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Catherine Stewart has had an interesting life, but the telling of it is not so interesting. The book conveyed very little of Catherine’s motivations or philosophy – which is surely what you most want to read about, when a person has made the decision to raise a family in such a remote area: in the early 1990s Catherine moved in with her new partner, Robert Long, who was already living in a shack at the mouth of Gorge River in south west New Zealand that is only accessible by air, or a 2 day walk.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

Oops — who let the balloon go? Who dropped the bottle top?20151213_190008-seaweed-pollution

On my weekend away one of the children accidentally killed two small hermit crabs by bringing them home from the beach along with other pretty shells.

It wasn’t ‘oops’ so much as sad.

Her mistake was very small, but globally, en masse, we are making much bigger ones.

Our beaches and increasingly barren inter-tidal zones are showing the stress of human carelessness.


Oops. Don’t let go of that balloon.

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Children like to set themselves challenges, and enjoy the sense of victory that results when they achieve their goal. Like G Ketewa hitching a ride on Abrantie’s bike.


This week’s photo challenge is ‘victory’, but as usually happens, I saw a few responses before I read the actual challenge, so my mind was full of ideas that, it turns out, are far removed from the challenger’s proposal that we focus on ‘that moment of glory and pride you’ll remember forever’. Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Off season

Funny how one person’s off season can be another one’s on season.

I mentioned to my neighbour that I was going bushwalking in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney last weekend.

‘Brrr’, she shuddered, ‘too cold’.

Does this look cold to you?



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Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow

ewen-flood A friend and I went for a walk on a rainy day and discovered that the Cooks river had burst its banks. We couldn’t walk any further along this path without getting our feet wet. Continue reading