My entry for a couple of photo challenges: My Place in the world and Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge — Pelican.


Pelecanus conspicillatus splash landing

Pelicans have lived along the Cooks River since at least the Dreaming, I learned from a book I’m reading about the river: River Dreaming. They are called Goolay’yari by the local Aboriginal people and feature in creation stories.

The Cooks River is an important place to me. I live a ten minute walk from these pelicans. I have been picnicking, bird-watching, riding bikes and walking along the river for twenty years. I’ve hosted and been to birthday parties and attended kid’s soccer matches and training in the parks along the riverbanks. I’ve blogged about it numerous times. I even wrote an essay about it for uni.

I love the river, imperfect as it is, so that’s why this post is also a contribution to this week’s WordPress photo challenge: My place in the world.

Check out Cee Neuner’s pelicans, which inspired me to post.

8 thoughts on “Pelican

    • Thanks 🙂 I loved the colour contrasts in her pelican pics, the amazing blue of the sea against the sandstone & the birds. Plus I’m always intrigued by the brown plumage of northern hemisphere pellies.

  1. It’s good to make contact with another Aussie who is interested in aboriginal culture and feels an affinity with the part of the country they live. Whereabouts is the Cooks River? We have pelicans down here in south west Victoria but so many as feature in your photos.

    • HI Suzanne, sorry for the late reply! Thanks for connecting. Cooks River flows into Botany Bay in Sydney, so it’s named after Captain Cook. It’s sadly very polluted, but the birds are hanging in there, especially since a lot of restoration has been done & replanting of native vegetation.

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