Rare birds of the Inner West


Flamingo of Newtown.


Cranky bird of Enmore (now extinct).


Owl or eagle? And are those eyes really cameras?

20160218_083957 (magpie)

Camouflage bird of Erskineville. Cos on this particular wall, you are an endangered species.

bird in erko

Saw the no stopping sign just a leetle too late.

See more rare things.


9 thoughts on “Rare birds of the Inner West

  1. Lovely street art around Sydney. Nice to see a bird theme and what lovely colours. I wonder why. Maybe they speak of some story for the suburbs you were passing by. The second one stands out to me. That bird looks rather important in that suit, and it looks like he isn’t having much of a good day 😀

    • Thanks Mabel – there’s much street art in this area it’s easy to pull out a few images for all kinds of themes. It would be interesting to know the stories behind them. I’m always sad when they get painted over, even if it’s a new artwork. That second one is a lot of fun, and vanished only a few weeks after I took the pic.

    • Thanks 🙂 I think you shared this one on FB recently? So I saw it then, but unfortunately never been to Berlin, so haven’t seem in person.

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