While on a beachside holiday last week, I was reminded (by my social media feed) of an alphabet controversy from last November: an Optus store in Sydney’s western suburbs was bullied into removing signs using the Arabic script, that advised potential customers that they had Arabic speaking staff who could assist them.

The controversy over the signs blew up on Facebook, and an Optus staff member — Dan — has become a social media hero among those of us who want to live in a non-racist society, for his calm & thoughtful response to the attacks.

Walking along the beach, enjoying the early morning sun on the water, the fresh breeze, the antics of the seagulls, and the sand sculptures left by the departing tide, I felt sad that an ancient and beautiful alphabet could stir up so much hatred. Those haters are really missing the point of being alive.

Love-humanity-2016-01-18 09.09.46

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2 thoughts on “Alphabet

  1. It is sad to hear how some Australians responded to the ads. There really is no place for such racial intolerance in our society. It just goes to show how some of us live in an enclosed bubble and our knowledge of other cultures and the rest of the world is shocking. Maybe we take our lives for granted, or maybe we just don’t care about others around us.

    On the positive side, lovely shot there at the beach 🙂

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