Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

Oops — who let the balloon go? Who dropped the bottle top?20151213_190008-seaweed-pollution

On my weekend away one of the children accidentally killed two small hermit crabs by bringing them home from the beach along with other pretty shells.

It wasn’t ‘oops’ so much as sad.

Her mistake was very small, but globally, en masse, we are making much bigger ones.

Our beaches and increasingly barren inter-tidal zones are showing the stress of human carelessness.


Oops. Don’t let go of that balloon.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops

  1. It is so sad to hear the fate of the two small hermit crabs. They certainly were taken out of their element, and I’m sure they were not used to it at all. It is so easy to litter at the beach in my opinion. There aren’t usually rubbish bins along the coastline or on the sand, so if it’s a relatively large beach you won’t be able to find one until you walk quite a bit inland…so perhaps that’s why so many of us succumb to the temptation of leaving stuff behind at the beach.

    • There are no bins at all on this beach Mabel, (it’s in a quite country area) but the rubbish had just washed up, who knows from where. To me it just shows how lots of small, careless actions can add up to environmental damage.

      • So true. Maybe there needs to be more signage around to encourage us to put rubbish where it belongs. Or perhaps there are more and more of us throwing trash overboard when we are sailing, out at sea.

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