Can we transition to a world that’s free of HIV?

With investment in health promotion and HIV prevention, and political commitment to protecting the human rights of the communities most affected by HIV, it just might be possible. We are certainly closer to ending HIV now, than we have ever been before.


This billboard popped up at my local station the other day, encouraging men who have sex with men to test regularly for HIV. In Australia, they are the population group most affected by HIV.

This image is a sign of the transition towards an HIV-free world that’s happening right now, right here, as people get tested and get on treatment — both of which are key to stopping HIV transmissions and improving the health and lifespan of people with the virus.

By chance, the delightful young man pictured also fits the WordPress weekly photo challenge theme of transition, because he is transgender.

In this video, Ruben explains how he’s committed to ending HIV by taking responsibility for his sexual health (in spite of the stigma that trans people often face).

Can the world also make the transition to a future where all people are accepted for who they are, and for the ‘content of their character‘, instead of being judged and stigmatised for their gender or sexuality?


8 thoughts on “Transition

  1. As usual, interesting take on the weekly photo challenge, Maamej. Really like how the billboard and campaign puts out there that anyone can get HIV. I reckon a lot of us are still in the dark about who can contract it no matter where we are (not just in developing countries), and how we can take measures to minimise our chances of contracting it. The stigma “don’t talk about HIV” still hangs in the air these days, which does not really help.

    • Thanks Mabel, yes, stigma is still really the biggest obstacle even in Australia where the epidemic is relatively under control.

    • I like how the challenge often triggers ideas outside the square for me. I work in HIV tho, so this is often at the top of my thoughts. I agree there’s a lot of issues we need to shift on, hard to feel optimistic sometimes.

  2. Well said Maamej – and what an interesting billboard. Somehow I think Australia is a bit less close-minded than the US. We’re getting there I think, but very very slowly. It will be the next generation that leads us, as they should.

    • Thanks Tina. We have plenty of closed minded people here too, but there has been so much change & progress even in my life time, so that gives me hope for the future.

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