Winter readathon

22654549 So after two weeks of umming & aahing, I’ve decided to join a readathon that’s raising money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation this month.

The umming & aaahing was because I’m busy, and I felt anxious about having to read even more books than I usually squeeze in between work and family and the rest of life’s business and pleasures. I worried that people would want me to read books that I don’t want to read, or that I wouldn’t raise enough money.

imagesThen I figured, well, the point of any kind of ‘thon’, whether it be a running or cake-baking or reading ‘thon, is to take risks and stretch yourself beyond your usual limits for a good cause.

Indigenous literacy is an excellent cause, as Anita Heiss makes clear in this blog post, where she talks about how reading benefits her every day. Her post shows that reading is just a normal everyday skill that everyone should have.

23209924 The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, for which Heiss is a Lifetime Ambassador, “aims to raise literacy levels and improve the lives and opportunities of Indigenous children living in remote and isolated regions.”

Since they were established in 2004 the Foundation has supplied 120,000 books to 230 remote communities. What a great achievement. And it can only get better from here, right?

15730If you agree with me that this is a charity worth supporting, will you dob me in to read a book  … or several?

It works like this: you go to my readathon page and make a donation. For every donation made, I will read a book. You can choose the book, or leave me to my own devices. For donations of $40 or more I will also review the book, although I can’t promise that will happen within the readathon timeframe – it finishes 31 July.

23661154Hint: Books pictured are on my to-be-read list, but you can nominate any book, it doesn’t have to be one of them. Suggestions, especially by Indigenous authors, are welcome. Although remember – the shorter the book, the more I can read.

Soooo …. Ready, set, GO!





4 thoughts on “Winter readathon

  1. I hope you reach your goal, Maamej. Good luck. Such a great initiative supporting the Indigenous community. As Anita Heiss said in the blog post you linked to, we read everyday, from emails to hardcopy books. We literally read to get by in life, our privileged lives. Someday I hope those less fortunate are able to get an education and learn the beauty of reading.

    I too find it hard to find time to read. Wake up, go to work, come home, chores, write. I usually try to read for at least fifteen minutes each night before I go to bed, be it an in-depth research article online or a book I picked up.

    • Thanks Mabel. I have a cold so I think my brain wasn’t properly functioning when I set the target at $700! That’s a lot of books. Anyway, I can take them on the train to work instead of checking Facebook – reading can replace social media for a few weeks 🙂 It’s good you have a routine about reading, although i think in-depth research would put me to sleep at bedtime.

    • Thanks Jane, I think it’s a great idea & a good cause, so I’m pleased my friends have been supporting me to do it. 🙂

      I was already wanting to read your book because I’d read an intriguing review of it, I think on Whispering Gums, so I would have got to it without the motivation of a readathon. I’m half way through and enjoying it a lot.

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