Weekly photo challenge: Off season

Funny how one person’s off season can be another one’s on season.

I mentioned to my neighbour that I was going bushwalking in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney last weekend.

‘Brrr’, she shuddered, ‘too cold’.

Does this look cold to you?



Well yes, ok, this is Australlia. I know our winters would be considered a balmy summer in some countries, but still, it’s what you’re used to, isn’t it? This is our off season.

I’m sure many people do prefer the mountains in other seasons. They love the autumn colours or the flowering gardens in spring.


I like those times too, but I love the bracing air on a winter bushwalk, followed by a warming hot chocolate in one of the many cosy cafés.


As it turned out, the day was unseasonably warm. It didn’t feel anything like the long term average of around 11 degrees. I couldn’t help wondering if this was related to climate change. It wasn’t even cold enough for hot chocolate, but we did have scones with jam and cream in an old converted church.

I actually hate being cold and I would never live in a really cold climate, but it’s fun to be a tourist in the off season. Especially on a warm day.






8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Off season

  1. Such lovely photos of your hike. Lots of lush greenery around it seems, I hope the place is getting enough water. Great view from above too. Like you, I wouldn’t like to live in a cold climate. Not a fan of the cold at all and anything below 18’C feels chilly to me. I would have had that hot chocolate anyway 🙂

    Climate change is certainly something to be concerned about, especially so since the ozone layer is wearing out right above Australia. It also doesn’t help that bush fires have become pretty much a fixture in the summer and there is an ongoing drought.

  2. It is a lovely area Mabel, and the track, as you can see, went through some very sheltered rainforesty bits. It’s certainly getting enough rain at the moment, it’s been very wet the past few days in the Sydney region. I think of Melbourne as being very cold tho, I don’t know how you survive there – lots of hot chocolates I suspect 😉

    • It is Janet, & there are so many different walks, with lots of diverse ecosystems. We chose a short & easy one. Some of the walks can take days and you have to carry everything with you. Others take you to the bottom of the valley on very, very steep stairs and ladders.

  3. Lovely photos and it looks rather nice weather to me! I’m fascinated by the difference in climate in various places too. 2 of my children live in Spain where it has been ridiculously hot and my other daughter lives in Vermont where they’ve had 6 months of snow, ice walls and enormous icicles. We here in UK have the usual mixture of rain, cloud and cold. However its rather sunny today!

    • Wow, they really are at two extremes, aren’t they? We’re such an interconnected world now it’s so much easier to be aware of the differing climates around the world and I guess we don’t take our local climate for granted so much. We do mostly have lovely weather around the Sydney region.

  4. Lovely pictures. I love mountain walking any time of the year! I think each season brings it’s own beauty. It’s summer over here and we are actually off to the French Alpes next month for a week of lots of walks and delicious mountain food! Can’t wait 🙂

    • Thanks, I agree all seasons can be beautiful except in the case of the Blue Mountains, I avoid them in summer because it gets so hot that walking is unpleasant, except very early or very late in the day. Also of course, bushfire danger 😦

      I am very jealous of your walk in the alps, sounds wonderful

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