Weekly photo challenge: enveloped

Walking to work from the train station often brings unexpected pleasures, like this wattle. I moved in as close as I could, to be enveloped by its perfume.wattle-800

A little further on, I found this milestone in danger of being enveloped by ivy, although I suspect the people who live next to it will make sure that never happens. Turns out it’s not a historic milestone, it’s their house number.

Ivy leaves around a stone marker which has been engraved with XLIX.Other people’s takes on the enveloped photo challenge here.




11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: enveloped

  1. Okay, Maamej, you mentioned wattles, which I shall discuss before going totally OT.

    Got a pretty good selection of wattle types here in tubbyland, and thankfully I don’t suffer from allergies. There are 950 wattle species in Australia. They self sow at a goodly rate, but even a healthy tree and/or shrub can die virtually over night for no apparent reason. Must post this now before returning to the OT bit: a rather large bird just hit a window …. poor bugger…taking it to the vet up the road.


    • Yeah, I’ve heard that there’s always wattle flowering somewhere in Australia – didn’t know there were 950 different types tho. Hope the bird is OK. 😦


  2. The OT bit. Really enjoyed hearing the results on the Republic of Ireland’s referendum on constitutional equality for gay marriage on BBC last night. An overwhelming result with a majority Yes Vote in every electoral district except one, a rural district and even then it was close. Great to see Irish folk of all ages step away from the dark shadow of that paedophile institution, the catholic church. And they did with 62% of the overall vote.

    (Hopefully it added to George Pell’s woes this morning.)

    The thought occurred to me that maybe it’s time that Oz’s gay community got rid of the Sydney Mardi Gras which had definitely degenerated in a grubby exercise in vulgar exhibitionism and extreme commercialisation. It must certainly get right up the nose of medium Australia, since it pisses me off no end for a variety of reasons, I hate to think what my redneck neighbours think. Ropes, tar and feathers would be the average response, I am sure.

    Maybe Oz’s gay rights organisations should examine the strategies and tactics used by the Yes organisers in Ireland. Obviously, the Yes organisers worked social media to death, but this was preaching to the young and already converted.

    Outreach to older folk appeared to play a major role. Gay’s discussed their situation within their families and then involved their parents and grand parents in the campaign. Who in turn reached out to their friends, family and local communities. Very much a personalised discussion (I bloody hate that word conversation) at a very localised level…..neighbours, workplace, same street sort of thing. Being gay was shifted from the abstract to the concrete reality of the family, neighbourhood interpersonal relations.

    Very easy to do in a country of just four million people.

    What do other readers think?


    • I agree it is really good news about the referendum. Well I think the reaching out bit is already happening, as more people feel safe to come out & family & friends & neighbours realise gay people are just people with similar hopes & dreams.

      Things have changed massively since the first mardi gras, in terms of acceptance. I think a lot of gay people would agree with you about how commercialised it’s become, but maybe not about the ‘exhibitionism’ – which you could just see as being positive about sexuality.There will always be people offended by overt sexuality of any kind, and they’l hold those views no matter what.


    • Thanks Tina. Even when I’m not planning to do the challenge it stays at the back of my mind & then suddenly the photo opportunity presents itself.


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