Kids in motion

When the children come to visit, my home is a blur of activity. It’s non-stop motion from start to finish.

One rainy Saturday some of my son’s siblings came over along with a family friend, Solo, who kind of counts as a sibling too.

We danced, played board games and baked a chocolate cake.



lighting cakeSorry, no dancing pix, it was so spontaneous it would have spoiled the moment to get out a camera.

Abrantie grabbed a metal stool as soon as he walked in, sat down on the beanbag, and started drumming. The rest of us responded with a whole reality show style dance battle — with African and hip hop moves. Some days I have sooo much fun with my bicultural family!

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13 thoughts on “Kids in motion

  1. What a fun family, I would have loved to join you! I bet your son and his friends certainly had a great time making that cake…sponge cake I’m guessing. So heartening to see how your family embraces music so openly and joined in dancing when Abrantie started drumming – like one big celebration is happening. Family, good food, music, dancing, laughter, a mix of culture. What more can you ask for? 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, yes, we can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately on this particular day my son wasn’t feeling like hanging out with lots of younger kids and retreated to his room, but the rest of us had fun – it shows you can have a great time without spending a lot of money on gadgets or outings.

      The cake was yummy in spite of me making a BIG mistake and mistaking milk for cream in the supermarket, so we only had jam in the middle, not whipped cream as well.

      • Oh no, that is a big mistake. But jam is generally more healthier than whipped cream, and it’s delicious too. And it sounded like it was a hit with everyone in the house.

        Winter is coming up. Hopefully you’ll be able to find more fun activities to keep the kids occupied indoors (or outdoors even) when you see each other again 🙂

    • Glad you spotted the flame in motion 😉 It wasn’t even anyone’s birthday, but they insisted. Thanks for commenting.

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