Weekly photo challenge: Blur

Swirling seawater blurs the textures and shapes of sea life in this hidden tidal pool.


It seems fitting that my camera phone couldn’t capture the fine detail of these velvet pillows and lacy underwater trees, because the pool was so pristine I felt I had no right to be there.

20150330_122704-blurred-rockIt was as though the water and rocks conspired to prevent me taking a visual record of this magic place back to the world of humans, who might come and despoil it.

Humans who would trample the delicate seaweed, butcher the sea creatures for bait, leave beer bottles on the sand and an oily smear of sunscreen on the clear, deep water.

I wasn’t sure if immersing myself in the pool was sacrilege or sacrament. And I was surprised to find myself thinking about the place in such religious language, non-believer that I am. I swam slowly, with great care, trying not to disturb the stillness, but still I felt the water was clouded by my presence.

We’d found the place by accident, following what might have been a wallaby trail, ducking under branches that had been placed to obscure the path, sliding down a sandy hill and clambering over boulders.

When we left, we too dragged branches across the track to blur the entrance to this wonderland. I don’t want others to find it and I won’t return there often. I want it to stay out of sight and out of reach, so it retains its purity a little longer.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Blur

  1. Sounds like a lucky find, Maamej. A secret place that only you know, how fun is that. You’re very adventurous. Usually I err on the side of caution jumping into rivers and tidal pools with ocean creatures and plants for fear of an allergic reaction. Looks like a great time you had 🙂

    • I was actually a bit scared going into the water mabel, although not of allergies so much as sharks – but I reminded myself that it would be very unlikely that anything large & dangerous would really be there. Although it was very deep it was partially blocked from the sea by large boulders in the water. But I had to go in, my middle name is mermaid 😉

    • Thanks Tina – the quality of the pics is more by accident than design, I have to admit, but I took quite a few trying to outwit the reflections and the tide.

      I am sure other people will find the place, probably those who are a bit more adventurous and willing to go off the beaten track. You also have to be fairly fit and confident to actually reach the water as there are a lot of slippery rocks in the way. I don’t actually begrudge others finding it, it’s just I’ve seen such a deterioration in the sea life in rockpools and rock platforms over the past few decades that I fear that happening here as well. Thanks for dropping by.

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