Life is ephemeral.


It’s fleeting and precious.


So we should make the most of it: stop hating and fighting, notice the good in other people and the wonders of the world we live in.

20150330_101303-sting-ray-flowersWhen I was at Jervis Bay with a friend, we met a gloriously beautiful young man. He had paddled his surf ski right across the bay.


While we chatted, he noticed a dolphin curving across the water. Mid-sentence, he raced away from us and dove in after it. He didn’t get close. It was turning away from the beach before he even hit the water, but I was impressed that he seized the chance of swimming with dolphins without a second’s hesitation.

We could all take heed of his actions and carpe diem, seize the day, before it’s too late.


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4 thoughts on “Ephemeral

  1. Interesting reaction from the surfer. One would think he was being rude leaving a conversation so abruptly like that, but it does sound like his enthusiasm for life shines through…and his courage to do what he likes too. Beautiful shots of nature and the beach. Very scenic walk you had. Hope all is well with you. It’s getting cold in Melbourne.

    • It didn’t seem rude because we’d already seen the dolphin in the distance and were talking about it, then he took off when it came closer. We were all pretty laid back anyway, it was such a beautiful place and so warm – glad I’m not in Melbourne, I could never live there, too cold!

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