I try not to watch too much TV. It’s a bit of a vortex that takes time away from other important stuff, like blogging, bushwalking, going out with friends. But there a few series that I enjoy, and part of the pleasure, however fleeting, is the soundtrack.

The effervescent Hustle soundtrack by Simon Rogers hits just the right note of quirky sophistication for this enjoyable series about scam artists with a conscience. This is the original soundtrack, which I prefer over the more recent version.

The Scott & Bailey soundtrack, on the other hand, conveys the gutsiness of the lead female characters Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey, as well as the earthy drama of the issues this cop shop drama addresses — sexual violence, murder, family conflicts gone badly wrong. I mainly watch it because I’m fascinated by the relationships between Scott & Bailey and their boss, played by Amelia Bullmore, who also writes the show.

The S&B soundtrack composer is Murray Gold, and he turns out to be more famous than I realised. He’s composed for Doctor Who. Here’s ‘This is Gallifrey’.

He’s not, however, responsible for the original Doctor Who theme, which I vividly remember from my childhood, even though the only other thing I remember is John Pertwee’s velvet jacket and lace jabot.

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