Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

I am imaging that the internet will be made of pumpkins this week, not cats, as bloggers around the world respond to the latest WordPress photo challenge: Orange.


Pumpkins are, after all, extremely photogenic.


For the same reasons, orange flowers may also be taking over the net.

orange flowers

I do love the colour orange. It evokes happiness and prosperity.


I took these pics at a country food festival last weekend, which celebrated locally grown, sustainable and heirloom produce.

One of the main attractions for me was a speaker on ‘food citizenship’; a PhD student talking about her research into people’s relationships with food and food production systems. She started by asking us about what we thought of when she said the words ‘food aesthetics’. The first thing that popped into my mind, having been wandering around taking snaps of the community garden that hosted the festival was, inevitably, COLOUR.


If you want to know more, I blogged about the festival on the community garden blog that I contribute to. Otherwise, just enjoy the orange internet this week.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

  1. Such lovely pictures! It is spring here — so those fall oranges seem a long way away. But maybe by the time fall rolls around for me I will be eating healthier and much more able to enjoy such wonderful food-related sights! 🙂

  2. Beautiful pumpkin photos. We don’t see too many pumpkins around in Melbourne where I live, near the city. They become more prominent when Halloween approaches, though. I think of presentation of food when I think of the phrase food aesthetics. For example, is the food touching each other or separated, why is the dish arranged the way it is. Cooking and food is certainly an art.

    • Thanks, they are such a vivid orange is hard to go wrong photographing them. I love the colors of fresh fruit & veg but I’m not very skilled at arranging fid on s plate in an appealing way.

      • Oh me too. I am not good at dishing food in an appetising way, just like chucking it on a plate and serve. Though I do think the brighter the food, the more delicious it comes across. Probably why I always like orange foods – oranges, carrots and cheese.

    • Yes I’ve heard of big pumpkin competitions but haven’t been to one, The festival had some huge, long butternuts but I didn’t get photos. I think the big ones probably don’t taste as good though.

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