So what’s new?

I’ve started a Facebook page for my blog, that’s what’s new.

This is the cover image.


I chose this photo, which was taken on a South Coast beach, for several reasons.

It references the shells (symbolising diversity and complexity) that grace my home page header.

The bare feet make me think of new horizons to explore; of first steps taken on the adventure that is living in a racially mixed family (although after 25 or so years of that adventure the soles of my feet are now quite calloused).

Standing on the tideline represents a border crossing, a place of shifting sands, ebb and flow, change and renewal. It complements my idea that engaging in bi/multiracial relationships involves continual exchange and movement across diverse cultural territories, which I wrote about in my very first blog post (that explains the blog’s purpose) and also in my post on the choice of shells for my header.

In keeping with this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge (‘New’), the image also brings to my mind the renewed sense of wonder and delight that I feel every time I immerse myself in the natural world.

So why a Facebook page? Why now?

I was sitting on the fence about setting up a page for most of 2014. I manage a page at work and I’d spent 18 months watching FB’s algorithms change and post views plummet in response. Would it be worth the effort? Had I left it too late?

Setting up a Facebook page for Border Crossings is, like many new undertakings, both exciting and scary. Apparently having a FB page will increase my exposure and therefore traffic to the blog. If it does, can I really handle it? Do I have the time, energy and perhaps the emotional resilience that would be required?

But then I thought, Oh, what the hell. Like any blogger, I’d like more people to read and interact with what I post, and if a Facebook page will help with that, let’s go!

Behind the decision, though, was the larger and more challenging question of ‘why blog at all?’

Before I took the plunge with FB, I had to consider whether I was going to commit to blogging, or quietly retire. At times I am overcome with self-doubt about what I do. Those 3.00am fears that my blog is just another blast of hot wind in the general, global blarting of social media. Well, perhaps it is, but it is also:

  • creative and satisfying, in a way that watching (most) TV or doing sudokus is not
  • building up a body of written work that in the light of day, I can tell is mostly worthwhile
  • contributing, I hope, to the global and local discussions about living with diversity and multiculturalism. It does seem that some people, sometimes, like to read what I write.

But perhaps the deciding factor is that blogging is Fun. Even if only a handful of people read any particular post, it’s still fun to write, to research, to take and select photos, to choose music videos, to respond to blogging challenges and participate in the blogging community. So I’m not going to stop just yet. The FB page is a public statement that, on the contrary, I have big plans for my blog in 2015.

Do you blog too? What are the rewards and where (if at all) does it get tough for you?



2 thoughts on “So what’s new?

  1. Face Book. Dear. Dear. Total loss of privacy which one can never recover. Equivalent to the Black Plague, and that’s putting it mildly.
    About 116 posts on my second blog and just ran out of puff. Stuff I laboured over (plus hours of research and lots of serious reading) was ignored, whereas drivel I belted out in a couple of hours got lots of reads. Despair.

    Anyway, its nice to encounter some 2015 optimism and I always recommend your site to people who want to get and entre into African music.

    I do however intend to have my very minor obit published on my site.

    Belated Happy New Year.

  2. Oh dear, I’m afraid you are right about privacy King Tubby, but I sold my soul to the Facebook devil years ago.

    Your disillusionment explains why I’m seeing no posts from you in my feed, what a pity. The blogging/social media world can be very discouraging, that’s for sure, especially if you go against the algorithmically generated popular trends in what you publish. Although of course it’s what’s outside the box that makes life (and blogs) interesting.

    Thanks for referring people to me and I hope that your obit won’t be published for a very long time.

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