Weekly photo challenge: Descent

Would you descend into the deeps with these sea monsters?

20141103_111502-smallAlthough there are several monsters, I like this next photo, which makes them look like a single beast, reclining ominously on the rocks between Bondi and Tamarama at Sydney’s annual Sculpture by the Sea.

20141103_111803-smallFor me, the sculpture, which is called ‘Overconsumption’, symbolises our descent into environmental chaos. It references the plastic rubbish that blankets parts of the Pacific Ocean, known as the trash vortex.

The sculptor, Kerrie Argent, collected 76,000 plastic milk bottle lids over four years so she could piece together this massive statement on our carelessness about the fate of our oceans.


Overconsumption was originally exhibited at Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia. The artist talks about it here.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Descent

  1. That is a colossal feat, all those bottle lids over four years. Such a dedicated effort to make such a strong statement through such a vivid piece of art. And colour co-ordinated so well too. From above, the statue sort of looks like a dying animal, it looks sad. But I suppose that’s part of the message the artist wants to get out. Overconsumption produces more waste, and if such waste is disposed ignorantly into the oceans or roads, someone or a living animal can get harmed. It’s no joke.

    • Yes, it’s an incredible amount of work, and she was holding down a full time job as well. There were about six or seven of them. They are stuffed with plastic bottles too. I hope it makes more people aware of the problem.

      • Many artists have to juggle their craft alongside a day job…sadly. It’s so great this sculpture is featured as part of Sculpture by the Sea. That’s a big scale exhibition and hopefully more people will get a better idea of recycling and taking care of our planet.

        I wonder what happens if it rains…I hope the sculpture doesn’t fall apart.

      • Yes Mabel, there were quite a few making comment on the environment. It’s a wonderful exhibition. I don’t think the sculpture’s in any danger of falling apart, the lids are very securely fastened together with plastic ties. In itself a comment on plastic’s durability, I guess.

  2. Definitely one of my favourite pieces. Wow, so many bottle tops, that is such an amazing effort. It certainly creates the desired effect.
    Thanks for sharing x

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