Cover art

cacti in Botanic GardensThis week’s photo challenge is cover art. Here’s my proposed cover image for the science fiction classic Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham.

Okay, I know, the triffids were not hairy cacti, and they were far more sinister than this mildly ludicrous picture would suggest. But when has accuracy got in the way of good cover art, I ask you? Especially for Sci Fi / fantasy novels.

Personally, I think this image represents the backstory, in which people originally viewed the plants as harmless resources to be ruthlessly exploited for their precious pink oil.

I note that the triffids are facing skywards, looking, perhaps wistfully, back towards their celestial origins. Which leads me to think that maybe this is really the cover art for a book yet to be written. In true 21st century style, such a book would reclaim the story from the perspective of these hard-done-by inter-galactic travellers, unfairly typecast as villains. I’m just stuck for a title. Any suggestions?


10 thoughts on “Cover art

  1. Interesting photo for this week’s challenging challenge, Maamej. Cactus is actually my favourite plant – though it’s prickly, it’s low maintenance and doesn’t need too much water to survive. I like how there’s some light shining on the cactus. It’s as if they are looking up to a new world, better future ahead of them. I’m no good at coming up with titles. I always need help from my writing editor to come up with titles for my articles.

    • Thanks Mabel, I was very pleased with this pic, especially the light.

      I’m also a fan of cacti & succulents, though I’ve come to it later in life. They are very hard to kill & the flowers can be amazing. These ones looked like some weird llama-plant hybrid.

      • I’m assuming that’s your cacti? I hope you take good care of it. They’re actually not too expensive to buy from the shop, and it doesn’t take much to maintain them and keep them alive. Tough little things.

        Rarely have I seen flowers on top of cacti. They do exist, but I’ve never seen them in Melbourne. Yet.

      • Cacti & succulents can be a bit fussy about conditions I’ve found. This one isn’t mine, I took the pic at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney a few weeks ago. They’re actually quite large, over a metre tall.

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