Belly dance and beaches

toe-nails-waterA belly dancing friend turned 60 this weekend, so I drove down the coast to celebrate with her.

Along the way there and back, I stopped to swim and walk in the bush.

My road music for the trip was mostly Celtic. Being out of the city was very relaxing, so my music choices were as laid back as I was. 

Here’s a taste. Lisa Lynne with Circle of Joy.

The bush wasn’t quite so laid back. It’s spring, or according to the D’harawal calendar, the time of Ngoonungi (cool, getting warmer) so it was bursting with life.


In a few hours on Beecroft Peninsula I saw galahs, King parrots, a white heron, the slither of a (large!) black snake through dead leaves, and an echidna burrowing into a tussock of grass to hide from me.

No pictures though; the snake was too fast and too far away, and by the time I found the echidna, I’d used up all my phone battery on plants …. Note to self, remember the portable recharger next time you go on a bushwalk.


By the time I got to the party, I was almost too tired from all the walking to have fun. But the lively Dorothy-Jane Gosper Band (from just up the road in Canberra) woke me up.

It was a fantastic night — catching up with old friends, dancing, watching both my friend and her superbly talented daughter belly dance. So this next video is for the birthday girl: Serena Ramzy dances to the music of her husband, Egyptian drummer, Hossam Ramzy.

It’s always hard to leave the South Coast, so on my way back the next day I took my time and checked out Burrill Lake. Although I’ve passed by many times before, I’d never stopped there. I’m so glad I did. The tidal inlet (pic below) is very like the one at Wallaga Lake, further south, where I spent several years as a teenager. They were extremely tough years, because there were several deaths in my immediate family, but the magical sapphire waters of Wallaga Lake inlet helped me through. I’m not a mystical person, but I’m a total believer in the healing power of water. So I think these pics will explain why I’m in love with Burrill Lake. I plunged in at the edge of the surf and drifted into the lake with the tidal flow.


I could have stayed there all day, but I had to get back in the car.


I was almost back in Sydney before I turned the music off, and the radio on. After the news, which was mostly bad, Radio National’s ‘All in the Mind’ program began with a discussion of the role of ‘positive psychology’ in happiness and wellbeing.

Exercise, music, dance, friends, the beauty of the natural world, getting creative with my camera, swimming in icy water and filling my whole being with the sound of the sea — I ticked a lot of happiness boxes this weekend.



4 thoughts on “Belly dance and beaches

  1. My place is big on king parrots. Sitting outside under the wattle tree (their favourite food) talking on the phone. They are a metre above me and hanging upside down. Very inquisitive birds and totally unafraid of people.

    Also have pairs of elusive pale headed rosellas, incredibly loud cockatoos and the much rarer glossy black cockatoos with yellow tail feathers. Massive birds with a wingspan of almost a metre and they take joy in reducing the banksias to saw dust.

    Great eucalyptus photo.

    • Thanks King Tubby, getting that eucalyptus shot is one of the reasons my battery was dead by the time I saw the echidna! I’m very happy with it too.

      Sounds like you live in a wonderful place, & you’re very lucky to have so much bird life, the black cockatoos. I saw some recently in inner western Sydney, ripping into a pine tree – it was exciting, because so rare to see them, but I do wonder if it’s the drought that’s forced them into the city, so perhaps not so good.

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