Weekly photo challenge: signs



Signs of change.

Signs with layers of meaning.

I pass these every time I drive down to my shared caravan on the South Coast, and I almost always see a dead kangaroo or wallaby on the side of the road. Occasionally I see a live one in the bush. I don’t think I’ve ever met, or even seen,  an Aboriginal person around here,  although they are the traditional owners of the land, and their words,  perhaps the original place names,  perhaps not, still mark the signs.

I know they’re still around, maybe they’re staying away from the holiday makers. I felt sad when I looked at the Aboriginal word. I wondered how many words and how much knowledge have been lost in this area. Is it a sign of recognition and  acknowledgement, or of appropriation and loss?

It’s proving surprisingly difficult to find out much about the traditional owners, who were apparently people of the Dharawal-Dhurga language group — so far mostly un-referenced mentions on tourism sites — but I’ll keep looking.

SIgns of occupation.



Interestingly, the archeological record only shows occupation of this shelter for less than 2,000 years, although Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for more than 40,000 years — which I guess is a sign that no matter how long you live in a place, there are are always new things to be found.

Check out other  people’s interpretations of signs for the wordpress challenge.

2 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: signs

  1. Then there’s the possibility that you have met local Aboriginal people without recognising their heritage. In many ways that was one of Mother Nature’s cruellest tricks: putting the physical markers of Aboriginality on a recessive gene. When I worked in “equal opportunity” policy/program zones I was caught out too often to even again assume.

    Love the fact that you’re still getting away down the coast no matter how busy life gets with your own home and other commitments in Sydney. Enjoy the summer ahead.


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