Weekly photo challenge: Dialogue

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that fish and chips served in the open air, must be in want of a seagull.

Or several.


Apologies to Jane Austen.

This week’s photo challenge asked us to create a dialogue with our photos.

You can see more responses to the challenge here.


And because I can’t resist, here is that greedy dialogue captured in one shot.




10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Dialogue

  1. Great photos for this week’s challenge, Maamej. I love eating fish and chips by the sea or bay. They just taste better, at least for me. Love it all with tartar sauce, but don’t like them with tomato sauce. Too bad fish and chips aren’t too good for us and they cost quite a bit here πŸ™‚

    • I don’t think they’re that good for the seagulls either Mabel. I love to have them occasionally. These ones were in Fremantle a few weeks ago when I was over that way for a meeting. Everyone said I had to have fish & chips while in Freo, so I did; and they were very good – and cheap.

      • Oh yes. Greasy food can never be good for animals. Sounds like you’re having fun criss-crossing the country for work. It must be fun, and exciting for you to see what other states have to offer.

      • Yes, I’ve been to 4 States this year so far and back to Melbourne again next month. I think that will be it though.

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