A year of Monday Music

This week marks one year of Monday Music posts. Apart from a few weeks break over summer (Australia’s silly season), every week I’ve shared music and stories.

So I owe my small but dedicated audience a big thanks for hanging in there with me, or at least for popping in occasionally.

I hope that my posts have brought you as much pleasure as Salif Keita’s Tekere brings me. Because that would be a lot.

I chose this song for my anniversary post because I love it. It’s the track I put on when I’m home alone and feel like dancing. But when I looked up the lyrics on the album sleeve, I found that Tekere means ‘clap your hands’, and the whole song is about appreciation of the griot (‘African hereditary musician, guardian of history and traditions’). Here’s the translation:

When the griot is happy
When he sings or dances
We applaud him
On stage or in the studio
When the musician plays or dances
We should applaud him
When two Malian musicians embrace each other
We show our approval with applause
When we are happy we clap our hands

I could hardly have chosen a more appropriate song to celebrate a year of music posts, if I’d gone scouring the internet for days. This is in tune with my blogging experience over the past year, when so often the perfect song for a post would turn up serendipitously.

Here’s another Salif Keita for you to enjoy, until next week … thank you for listening.


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