Weekly Photo Challenge: relics

Today I had my photo taken with a mud-filled coke can that one of the Cooks River clean-up crews, the Mud Crabs, had fished out from among the mangrove roots. I was just passing by and had stopped to chat and sign up to their mailing list. He wanted someone to pose with the can, thumbs down. I was more than happy to oblige, I hate the rubbish that finds its way into this beautiful waterway.

I don’t have that picture, but later in the day I went for another walk, and this is what I saw.


A relic of our civilisation? Not one that I’m proud of.

See more relics here.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: relics

  1. Eeek, not a pretty sight at all. I hope something gets done about it, but knowing Australia…things are always slow. Though I must say, the yellow glint of sunset at the top end looks pretty. That was very sporting of you to pose for a photo for Mud Crabs. Maybe they’ll post the photo in the newsletter and websites 🙂 Lucky day for you, you must have felt like a celebrity 🙂

    • No, awful the things that getdumped there. This spot on the river is best viewed at high tide & sometimes the sunset is lovely. I’ll be checking Facebook for that photo 😉

      • Ugh, that’s not nice at all. Maybe people dump things there because there’s a lack of dustbins around. I hope the river doesn’t stink. The Yarra River in Melbourne’s city near where I am is always a muddy brown colour, but luckily it doesn’t smell.

        I hope the photo goes up on Facebook, Mameej. So nice to see a blogger-friend in the spotlight for the right reasons 😉

      • Thanks Mabel 🙂 I have to admit, people’s attitude to rubbish makes me very pessimistic. I don’t see lack of bins as an excuse, it’s no harder to carry an empty can or bottle home than a full one. It’s true though that in the parks bins aren’t always emptied often enough and so maybe they overflow and stuff gets washed info the river. The Cooks does smell at low tide but I think that’s natural for mangroves, I’ve been around other smelly mangrove swamps as well, which is basically what it is around where I walk. Hmm, must check the truth of that.

  2. There are relics that reminds us how we treat our environment. Sad but true. To be aware and making a stand to make a positive change behind a new hope that we only leave behind relics we can be proud of.

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