Monday Music: Reach for the stars

A couple of weeks ago Monday Music was all about Mars. Inevitably, I had too many videos, so this is catch-up week. The post was not originally intended to be so specific. It was intended to be very broadly about music related to space. But Mars took over.

I went looking for actual, genuine sounds that you might hear in space. That was before I realised that if you were in space, you wouldn’t actually hear anything. Even the Big Bang, the birth of the universe, was silent.

I found this.

It’s an orchestral rendition of digitised data collected by a cosmic ray detectors aboard the Voyager spacecraft. So geeky, so cool. If you’re really keen, here’s some more digitised cosmic particles, sans piano.

Interesting, but I think I’ll stick to earthly music. To finish off this week, here’s the space-inspired Adelaide Afrobeat band, Shaolin Afronauts.

The picture on this page is a NASA photo from a stellar nursery in the Carina Nebula. It’s free to use. Find out more about it here.










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