Weekly photo challenge: Reflections

This evening I went for a walk beside the Cooks River for the first time since I became its near neighbour. It was pleasant in the drizzle, calming to be away from traffic and noise.

I saw a chittering willy wag tail and mud-brown ducks; blossoming paperbarks and plump creamy mushrooms. I saw a long-necked bird swimming, its whole body submerged. And among the mangrove roots, I found a sorry reflection of urban Australian society. (Click on any image for full size).

Sometimes I despair of humans. If we can’t even manage our own careless waste, how can we ever live harmoniously and sustainably on the planet?

Check out other people’s interpretation of this theme for some lovely & more optimistic photos.


4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Reflections

  1. The rubbish makes me sad. I don’t see too much rubbish here in Melbourne’s city, but when I head out to the suburbs on some occasions I do see something like that in your photos. It’s not something you want to see hiking out in bushland or hiking area, that would be very disappointing. I like the first shot a lot. It’s as if the bridge is floating on water 🙂

  2. Thanks Mabel. Yes the bridge shot came up better than I thought it would on my camera phone. The Cooks River catches all the storm water, so every bottle or can that someone drops on the ground ends up in there. They do have booms to collect the pollution, but it just keeps on coming. The river is lovely until you get close to the mangroves & it’s probably worse just now due to the rain.

  3. Lovely picture of the bridge but so very sad when I think about how we treat out planet and what we are leaving behind for our future generation.

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