Monday music: USA soundtrack

Music did not play a big part of our recent trip to the US, although when I announced my arrival at LA International airport on Facebook a friend immediately posted this video.

This has inspired me to share some more vintage videos.

Most of our time was spent in California, in winter (although it was unseasonally hot).

We even got to see the actual or, at least, alleged, Hotel California, when we went to check out Hollywood.

We also saw the hedge around Elvis Presley’s Beverly Hills home, before crossing the Mojave desert a few days later to Las Vegas.

Towards the end of our trip we made a brief foray to San Francisco. No flowers in winter, but AM bought himself some hippie pants.

We returned to Orange County via Boston, Massachusetts. Although why the British-born, Australian-raised Bee Gees would call it home is beyond me. I’m guessing it’s because they liked the sound of ‘Massachusetts’.

And then all too soon, we were homeward bound. Obviously our return is nothing like that of Simon & Garfunkel, but this such good a song, as well as being from the same bygone era (my childhood) as the others in this post, that I feel I have to include it.

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