Monday music: showing some drive

gogglesI’m keeping it simple this week. Between work, and my son doing exams, not much room for anything else. Also feeling a bit unsettled by the bushfires currently raging just west of Sydney.

AM sneered at this song, which he had to study for his English exam. Actually that’s not fair, it’s just not his style of music; he ‘got’ the lyrics.

It reminded me of this, which a friend posted on Facebook a few months ago. I’m not sure why — probably because both are about the freedom, hope and exhilaration offered by speeding vehicles.

The second video’s my favourite. It reminds me of AM’s younger brother Abrantie, who is full of plans to buy a motorbike when he’s a bit older (He’s now 13). I can just see him at this race.

Which do you prefer? And can you think of other music that fits this speed/hope/freedom niche?


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