Farm life

My Dad as a young man. I have no idea what this farm equipment is that he's pushing.

My Dad as a young man. I have no idea what this farm equipment is that he’s pushing.

My dad died in 2011 just a couple of months short of turning 98. If he were still alive, he’d be turning 100 today. So it seems fitting to celebrate the anniversary of his extraordinarily long life by sharing some of his photos.

Dad took photos from the days of the box brownie until only a few years before digital cameras became widespread. For about 10 years he also made home movies – and farm movies – but I’ll need to edit them down before I share them here.

This collection of pix is taken from slides that one of my brothers digitised a few years ago, luckily before the quality had deteriorated too much. Most of them were taken in the 1950s and early 1960s on the farm we lived on in the Central West of NSW. My uncle was manager and my Dad and cousin worked on it, with around 10 or 12 local men.

Called Belabula Farms, it was well known at the time for experimenting with optimal pastures for beef cattle. We also trialed American farm equipment so it could be modified for Australian conditions, and according to my dad the farm was the original site for the Orange Field Days, which my Uncle had a hand in getting off the ground. I feel proud of the work my family did there.

I hope you enjoy my selection of the photos that Dad took to document their work, and our lives on the farm.

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6 thoughts on “Farm life

  1. Jill, lovely photos! Dying to hear more about the experimental side of the farm. I wonder re the hand in the cow whether it was about feeling for a calf – or am I being toooooo James Heriott? Love the shot of your shop and want to hear more about that also!

    • Lol, not Jame Heriott enough I think. I’m pretty sure it was something to do with their digestion, I remember Dad telling me about it but can’t remember details. I will ask my brother the vet (that’s the one in the cowboy outfit.

      I was very entreprenuerial as a child but sadly, no paying customers – being five miles out of town and all 🙂

  2. Hi
    My father Brian Grimshaw worked at Belabula Farm for many years. I would really appreciate any photos or films you have.

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