Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Bubbles on boiling guava juice in the yin yang symbol
On the weekend I was making preserves with friends, This is what the bubbles were doing halfway through making the guava jelly: Yin Yang. You have to scoop the froth off so the jelly will be clear. It tastes like guava ice-cream – yum. Thank you Fred for this pic, it’s a fleeting moment that I would have missed if you hadn’t grabbed my phone.

It’s not hard to tell that none of us are professional photographers. This is a spin-off pic from our attempts to capture the luscious ruby red of the almost-ready-to-bottle jelly. The white disc is a torch. Fail. But it’s a fun shot.

Decanting some jelly into a white bowl and experimenting with the flash achieved a more satisfying result – although the colour’s not really accurate – looks more like palm oil than guava.

Here is another of our attempts at studio lighting. Note Paul’s hand holding torch.


Fred, Paul, me.

And here we all are at the end of the day with a sampling of our produce: passionfruit cordial, eggplant chutney, lime pickle and of course the guava jelly.

PS: We used Paul’s home-grown passionfruit and guavas. If you’d like to read more about our day, and check out the recipes, you can do so at Paul’s blog: Buth Kuddeh

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