Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says …

Ending HIV

My entry for the WordPress weekly photo challenge.

I saw this when on my way to a work meeting. I was running late, but what the heck. I work for an HIV organisation, so I figured they’d forgive me for stopping to get my picture taken with this sign.

The sign is produced by LGBTI health organisation ACON in Sydney, Australia, to promote the message that we are at a turning point with HIV. It’s targeting gay men but I think the message is for everyone: test, treat early, and stay safe.

At the time I saw this one, ACON had just rolled out this campaign at bus stops and were encouraging people to tweet and instagram when they saw it. I was surprised to see this one on Bunnerong Road, La Perouse, because it seemed outside the usual haunts of the Sydney gay community, But then, HIV affects us all. And gay / lesbian folk are everywhere.

The location also has a certain poignancy. It’s right outside the Eastern Suburbs crematorium and cemetery, where I have farewelled several good friends lost to AIDS. I’m sure their ghosts would be smiling.

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