I have at last found a theme for this blog that I am happy with. Clean and sharp, easy to read, and sets off my shell picture to great advantage.

I took this photo when I was down the South Coast, on one of the beaches around Currarong, where I have 1/4 share in an on-site caravan 5 minutes from the water. This shelly beach is about an hours walk along the rocks around the bay.

It’s great for snorkeling, with cream and purple shells, delicate pale green weed and magenta anenome spikes forming an underwater mosaic framed by swirling kelp.

Beaches and shorelines can be border crossings, and like the to and fro of cross-cultural relatioships, are fluid and changeable. Subject to erosion, sometimes dangerous, but also beautiful and worth exploring.

I feel that this image of tiny shell fragments is a lovely representation of diversity and complexity – perfect for the themes I talk about in this blog.


3 thoughts on “Shells

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