The World AIDS Day Collection

Just a small collection – of health promotion videos from Africa that have impressed me over the past year of so.  The good news is, they might be working. Acording to UNAIDS, new HIV infections have dropped by 17% in the past eight years, particularly in Africa. The other good news is that with greater access to treatments, more peole in Africa are living longer with the condition.

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves. First, there’s the joyful 46664 – a remix featuring Nelson Mandela that I found on another intercultural blogger’s site.

Then there’s this animation from the Congo.

A cool cartoon collection from South Africa – this is the first in a campaign of seven:

And finally, my old favourite, Bammy Boy’s HIV Hip Hop from Sierra Leone. I’ve posted this before but I reckon you can’t have too much of a good thing. A couple of months ago I showed this video at Punchbowl Boys High, where I’d been invited to give a talk (actually on how I use maths at work). It was a big hit with the Year Sevens and apparently they were singing the chorus all day.

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