Black comedy

I’ve often thought that AM and/or his brother 50 Cedis could have a great future in ‘ethnic’ comedy. They can do the accents, they know how to be irreverant and outrageous, and they’ve got plenty of material to draw upon in our mixed up bicultural family.

Ethnic comedy in Australia – at least in public – started in the 80s with Wogs Out of Work and in the past few years we’ve seen  comedians surface like Arj Barka and Akmal Saleh. I’m thinking that in a few years,  African Australian kids who’ve grown up in Australia – mixed or not – will take to the stage and give me a good belly laugh. Comedy as a way to relieve the tensions of intercultural families – I can’t wait.

And it seems I don’t have to – well, at least, not for an African-Australian comedian. Mujahid Ahmed is a Sudanese comedian by night and refugee resettlement worker by day who lives in Adelaide. (I know this because he said his mum washes clothes in the Torrens River … heheh). A profile of Muj is the lead news story on African Oz this week. Okay, some of his jokes are sexist, but he still had me rolling on the floor laughing. Even though he didn’t grow up here he has some spot-on observations about the African experience in Oz and – make sure you watch both parts of his show –  living in an intercultural relationship.

Check him out . Part 1:

Part 2:

I hope he’ll inspire a whole new generation. I know there’s plenty of jokes just waiting to be told.

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