Technology Blues

I left Australia with high hopes that technology would make my trip to Ghana very different from previous visits. And to a large extent, it has.

My digital camera has enabled me to show people their photos immediately.

Like in Australia, everyone has a mobile phone, so DadaK can call if I’m late home to make sure I’ve not been kidnapped, and ActionMan and I can call our friends (and theoretically, they can call us – still waiting, guys …) 

Having a laptop makes it easy to write and edit my blog before uploading and it also provides entertainment for everyone – from impromputu slide shows in Nana’s room to gaming to watching DVDs when the TV is dedicated to Nollywood soaps or Christian video hits. I’ve also been using it to teach Martha to type.

Internet access, although sporadic and painfully slow, means I can blog, stay in touch with friends and do some online research. I do feel a lot more connected to home and the world than I have on previous trips.

Sadly, most of this is now in the past tense. After threatening to blow for several weeks, the cable on my laptop finally did so a few days ago. All the above laptop related activities, plus my late night binges on Zuma Deluxe, have come to an abrupt halt.

Fortunately, I’d already asked Rich, the techie at my local “Yankee Cyber Cafe” to see if he can track down a new cable. He told me this morning that he thinks he’s found one, so my worst case scenario of no laptop for the rest of the trip is looking like it won’t happen. Fingers crossed. But if blog posts become shorter, less frequent & perhaps less coherent, you’ll know what’s happened. I’ll be at the Zuma Deluxe Anonymous 12 step program. Well no, not really. But it takes a lot of time to write blog posts and edit photos and it’ll be hassle to have to do it all at the cyber cafe, instead of at home whenever I have some spare time. (like 5.00am before the kids come knocking on my bedroom door) Ah well. On the bright side, the cyber cafe has air con.


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