HIV Hip Hop

Yes, yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to write much over the next week or two. But I was cleaning up my files & found this!

I post it for several reasons. One, to restore my cross-cultural credentials after two posts on non-African music. Two, because it’s fun. Three, because if it’s on my blog I’ll always be able to find it when I want it, and Four, because it shows there’s more to Sierra Leone than civil war.

Sorry, still haven’t had time to figure out why cutting and pasting YouTube code doesn’t embed the video.



2 thoughts on “HIV Hip Hop

  1. At the risk of telling you something you have learned since 2008:
    To embed a youtube video, you click on the Add Media button above the toolbar (or is it technically part of the toolbar?) from there, on the left-hand menu, you have options of what media to add and one of them is youtube …there is also a from url option, though not too sure what that one does; have never used it.

    • Thanks, I did figure that out a long time ago, may never got around to fixing it. Although WordPress is also better integrated with YouTube now anyway; these days just pasting the url is enough.

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