The words “DON’T PANIC” were written in large, friendly letters …

While it may seem that my recent posts have had little or nothing to do with bicultural parenting, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. Indeed, updates about hair, language lessons and cooking Ghanian food are all bubbling away in my brain, but due to a combination of lack of time and a bad dose of eyestrain, they haven’t made it into cyberspace. Bokor, be patient.

These other activities and reflections have been a necessary distraction from current challenges. Like the fact that in just over a week we step onto an outward-bound plane. In fact, I shouldn’t really be taking any time out to blog at all.

So instead of plunging into a lengthy discourse on, for example, teens and mixed race identity, or recipes for peanut soup, I will update you on our travel plans – and you may not hear much more from me for a while after that.

On May 15th we fly from Sydney to LA to visit my niece, her hubby and three small daughters for a week. Disneyland, San Diego zoo, here we come! Then it’s off to St Louis for a long weekend to visit a friend who’s promised us walks, boating and more (I just can’t remember what, but I’m looking forward to it. The next flight is to Frankfurt – just cos it’s part of the deal with a round-the-world ticket – where we have 5 days to explore castles on the Rhine, thermal baths and German internet cafes.

All these are but appetisers (or perhaps a last blast of western culture, flush toilets and malaria-free zones) before the main course: Ghana, West Africa.

We’ll be in Ghana for three months, returning to Oz in early September via South Africa & possibly a game park or two. Mostly we’ll be staying with DadaK & co at his mother’s house, which of course means also with quite a few other extended family members. We will visit slave castles, rainforest, the family cocoa farms and the arid north, where I’ve seen camels in the middle of town.

I’ll also be scouting out a suitable school for a proposed Australian African Network Sister School venture, getting involved with the local co-counselling community, fanning myself a lot, blogging, and – in all likelihood – gorging myself on Ghanaian food while simultaneously slimming down from the effects of the Kumasi Runs. I hope we’ll also both be getting more fluent in Twi. Kwajo will go to school.

So are we prepared? Well, mostly.

  • Tickets – booked & paid for
  • Ghana Visas – being processed (slightly delayed because I forgot to enclose a cheque with the application. Who, stressed, moi?).
  • Vaccinations & anti-malarials – check
  • Travel insurance – check
  • Excitement rising – check
  • US-safe padlocks – check
  • Farewell party organised – check
  • 2nd house-minder organised – eek!
  • Bandwidth used up so that urgent internet business can no longer be easily undertaken at home – thank you ActionMan
  • Lift to the airport – check. Except if I cut my hair before we leave the offer will be withdrawn. (I do have other friends you know …)
  • Centrelink bombed – heh, just kidding.
  • Australian African Network responsibilities handed over – check. Except they seem to accumulate at the same rate as I divest them. Hmmm.
  • Work projects handed over – panic, panic, panic! No really, I’m on track.
  • Pharmacy purchased – check. Except I think I should get some antiseptic powder. And maybe I’ll need an elastic bandage … AM’s run out of skin cream …

So, it’s all happening. Count to ten, breathe deeply … and hit the ground running.


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