Music for gentlemen

I’d like to introduce you to a very special music clip. It brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘fusion’.

But first, a little background. ActionMan has three younger (half) brothers, and it’s time for you to meet the middle one: Abrantie.

Abrantie in Twi means “gentleman’. People who know Abrantie may be surprised that I have called him this, because he can be extremely obnoxious. He has quite a mean streak, and has an unfortunate habit of laughing when other people are hurt. Personally I think this is just a nervous reaction, but I know I’m in a minority there.

Of course, like all seven year old boys, Abrantie has many redeeming features, & these explain why I’ve called him a gentleman. At risk of sounding totally cliched, I do believe that underneath that gruff and sometimes surly exterior lurks a truly sensitive soul.

For a start, he likes chess. He also likes really looooong cuddles. At least one of his close friends is a girl (usually anathema to his age group). And he likes classical music. Well, perhaps I exaggerate. He likes the one piece of classical music I currently possess. When Abrantie gets into the front seat of my car, he always puts it on, to the disgust of his brothers. ActionMan used to enjoy the same piece of music, but now he only listens to Eminem, and Eminem, and Eminem, and … The nine year old has slightly broader tastes. He listens to rap, hip hop & related genres. I’ve considered calling him 50 Cedis for this blog – Cedis being the Ghanaian currency. The four year old is in that strange transitional period where The Wiggles no longer cut it and all he’s really interested in is Spiderman, (and agreeing with his biggest brothers).

Abrantie fights them off and listens to it anyway. He calls it the music that goes up and down. I suggested to him that when he got on the big plane to Ghana he made sure he got headphones and listened to the in-flight radio, in case he could find other, similar music. He later reported that he couldn’t find the music that goes up & down but he did find music he liked. Excellent. (Wish I knew what it was ….)

I think a broad taste in music shoud always be encouraged, so I asked my brother to find some free downloads that I could take to Ghana for Abrantie. He found an unusual interpretation of the music that goes up and down. It’s not the kind of thing I usually listen to, but I love it. I don’t know what Abrantie will make of it, so I’ll take a more trad version in case he doesn’t like it. Along with whatever other gems my brother finds.

And so I give you …

… Peer Gynt: Hall of the Mountain King, composed by Grieg, performed by … Apocalyptica.

Told you it was special 😉


10 thoughts on “Music for gentlemen

  1. Gorgeous piece Jill,

    haven’t seen the clip yet but will shortly. ‘Out there’ is the way I prefer to think of that which you are describing…

    Musically Disturbed Rgds,


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