The dreaded locks

ActionMan took me by surprise yesterday when he announced that he intends to go to Obapaa’s salon just before we leave for our overseas trip and get dreadlocks, so he can see what it’s like to have them. (Of course, at the rate at which he has(n’t) been combing his hair, I reckon he could have dreads tomorrow at the cost of only a little judicious teasing.  In fact, we could even have online support for this project.)

Then while we are in the US (it’s a round-the-world ticket) he’ll have The Haircut. We had already agreed, you see, that while in Ghana he would have short hair out of respect for his Nana (grandmother) .  The less family confrontations the better, in my view.

Well it’s not a bad idea, except that I think he should get the dreads sooner, because while we won’t have to pay for the dreads, we will have to pay for whatever product’s used on them, and I don’t want to fork out money for a hairstyle that’s going to vanish within two weeks. And for the same reason, I think he could delay the cut until we get to Europe. So, any suggestions for African barbers in Frankfurt?

He’s not actually keen to do the dreads sooner because he doesn’t really want them, he just wants to try them out. I’m not sure why he doesn’t want them. When I suggested cornrows a while back he rejected that because he associates it with gangsta style and, unlike a lot of African boys here in Oz, he doesn’t want the gangsta look.

In fact, the only thing Actionman really wants for his hair is for it to be long without him having to look after it. Last year for a school assignment he created a poster – which sadly, I don’t have a picture of – promoting “The Afroizer – from knots to fro in seconds”. I’ve never seen him so enthusiatic about a school project. In your dreams baby.


2 thoughts on “The dreaded locks

  1. Frankfurt is a pretty large, cosmopolitan city, so I imagine there’s a big enough African contingent there for at least one barbershop. How’s your German? I could go on an internet search if you like…

  2. Hi,

    yes I’d expect there to be a t of Africans too – was planning to search anyway, but my German is limited to about ten words, so if you have a bit of spare time to do it, that would be great, thanks. You lived in Germany, didn’t you? Have you been to Frankfurt? It’s the Europe leg of our round-the-world, & I thougth it would be worth staying a few days.

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