Trashy bags

I have a friend who keeps sending me links to interesting stories about Ghana. (She too is in a mixed family).  This is great because it saves me having to look for them, or getting an RSS feed organised myself. The latest is the story of Trashy Bags, a venture in Ghana which recycles the gazillions of plastic bags that are thrown away every day. I was very pleased to hear about it because I was appalled by the plastic pollution when I was there, and it sounds like – except for this enterprise – it hasn’t changed much.

The problem is, that it is so hot there you have to drink all the time (at least I do),  or if not drink, then pour water over your head at frequent intervals. And at every street corner and lorry park, there are teenage girls (usually) hawking ice waterrrr. In plastic bags. You drop the used bag wherever you are standing cos there’s nothing else you can do with it. Until now – with Kwabena Osei Bonsu recycling the bags into fashion accessories. Can’t wait to get one.

My theory about the pollution is that until recently all packaging in Ghana – banana leaves, corn husks etc – was totally biodegradable. It didn’t matter if you dropped it.  It does now of course, but it takes time for habits to change, & anyway, who are we, in eastern countries, to throw the first stone? Ahem.

I should point out tho that here in Oz we have our own recycled placcy fashion too. Reverse Garbage has a shop called M.A.D in Sydney where you can get all sorts of goodies.

Ok, ok, this post was not about mixed families.  But my internet has been down all week & I’m just hastily compiling the post at an internet cafe in Melbourne, with whatever was immediately to hand, so don’t expect too much ok? I’ll be back on deck soon with more exciting installments.

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