Colorblind cupid

I was just cruising around the net, as you do, when I came across this US site – musings and entertainment on interracial and intercultural relationships and families.

At a glance, it looks like it’s on pretty much the same track as Border Crossings, so thought you’d like to know about it. The mix is different and CC is a group effort, unlike my blog, therefore the experiences are more diverse (China, India, Guatemala & white – but no African). Also it’s been going for a while, so has more of a following than this, which is still in humble beginnings.

Don’t abandon Border Crossings! But check it out … There’s so little written on these kinds of families & relationships in Oz, I reckon we need all the connections we can get!

BTW – I note they do not have a “Hair” category! Lucky b***ers.

4 thoughts on “Colorblind cupid

  1. Hey maamej – nice to meet you. We went through a period where we were going to quit blogging because it was such a headache, but we decided just to put the comments on moderation. (Beware, once you start getting more traffic you’ll have to grow thick skin. sigh.)

    We don’t have the African perspective, so we’ll blogroll you!

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