So it’s Yo to the ‘Fro

DadaK approved of the combed Afro the other night. He nodded seriously and said, “It looks fine, but you must keep it well”. This counts as a major shift for him, so I hope ActionMan appreciates it

ActionMan has had an important hair-ally in his stepmother, Obapaa, who runs a braiding salon, and is therefore used to all kinds of adventurous hairstyles. Once before, she did a big condition & comb – his hair looked amazing. Now I’ve got rid of the worst of the tangles, she’s offering to do it again, with a slightly different product combination, that may make it easier for him to manage.

And check out this hair bling blog, for proof that not all white mums are hopeless with African hair. You too, can braid with the best of them!

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