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For some time I have been wanting to share my experience of living in a mixed race / bicultural family. One way I do it is through my involvement with Australian African Network Inc. But I figured blogging would be a better way to share reflections in a wider sphere, on the challenges, idiosyncracies & amazing amount of learning that happens when two cultures meet in the intimate space that is family.

Why Border Crossings? A border crossing is both a place and an action. It’s a place where people meet and pass each other on the way to someplace different.  The place could be new or familiar, alien, dangerous, welcoming … but always, however subtley, different. The act of crossing borders can be easy, scary, exciting, bewildering. You can breeze through, or battle.  Border crossings are sometimes the site of conflict, as each side tries to push its own frontiers further into new territory. But they also have great potential as a place of change, negotiation, and the start of new journeys.

Are you getting my drift?

People in cross-cultural / mixed ‘race’ relationships cross borders everyday. Sometimes with awareness, sometimes not. Often with results of great success & happiness – often not. But however familar the territory into which we cross, it never loses its capacity to spring surprises. You can think you have dual citizenship, then suddenly realise it’s strictly a short term business visa.

So I’ll be blogging here about those places of challenge, surprise, and epiphany – and just plain funny stuff too.

And who am I? I’m a single white Aussie mum of anglo-celtic background with a teenage son (ActionMan) whose dad (DadaK)  is Ghanaian. DadaK doesn’t live with us and has remarried (to another Ghanaian – Obapaa) and they have more children. We’re on pretty good terms & have all put in the hard yards so that our children will be close to each other.  I’m using pseudonyms cos while I don’t intend to say anything horrible about anyone, I’d like just a little privacy for the family. More on names another day.

Looking forward to our conversations.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. A lovely surprise to come across your blog. I often forget the fact of my existence in a multicultural family. (I’m anglo Australian – my partner is Australian – Chinese – Indonesian). I really identify with your comments about the amount of learning that goes on when people from different backgrounds come together – I think it is magical and continue to learn everyday – it’s fantastic!

    Look forward to reading your posts…

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  3. I came to your blog through the Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves. I always like to go and read about the blogger as a way of getting a feel for where they are and what interests them. Turns out you are south of me – I’m in Brisbane. 🙂
    Sounds like quite an interesting and diverse life for you, and one in which I am sure you learn something every day. Which is great!

    • Nice to hear from you ausurfer & thanks for taking the time to find out about me. I loved your your pix for the curves weekly challenge, especially the road, look forward to seeing more.

  4. As an American married to a German (and living in Europe) I understand the journey your family is taking – and supposedly Americans and Europeans should be ‘similar’, yes? Crossing cultures is a wonderful and sometimes challenging path. All the best to you, Jadi

    • HI Jadi, yes, I’ve heard this from other people – it can be surprising to find difference where you think your cultures are similar, & leads to strange misunderstandings. Thanks for visiting.

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